Closed Heart Surgery

Heart Surgery may be required to fix the problem with the functioning of the heart. Closed heart surgery does not require patients to be supported by a heart-lung bypass machine and the heart chambers are opened during the procedure. Some repairs are best performed using closed heart surgery. in few instances closed heart surgery is the first stage of repair for a defect that requires multiple surgeries. Closed heart surgeries involve entry into the chest from the front (sternotomy) or from the side between the ribs (thoracotomy). Many forms of closed heart surgeries deal with the major arteries that carry blood to and from the heart rather than with the heart chambers themselves. Some closed heart surgeries are palliative (or temporary) rather than corrective, meaning that they deal with specific problems caused by a heart defect rather than correction of the defect itself. Palliative surgery is often performed on young children who have heart defects that require staged surgeries. These surgeries are performed under the general anaesthesia. Post-operative care of the patient involves careful monitoring in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Advantages: In this procedure the cardiac problems are fixed without the use of heart-lung bypass support and involve a shorter hospitalisation and recovery time.


  • Can I be in the operating room with my child?
    Unfortunately not. The operating room is kept sterile and only medical personnel are allowed in the room.
  • Should I tell my child about the operation?
    Yes, if your child is old enough to understand and notice the change in routine. A very simple explanation is usually all that is needed.
  • Should my child or a parent donate blood before the operation?
    In some cases extra blood is needed and the doctors shall guide you.
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